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Our Mission

We are Systalex, focused on growth and opportunity. We are tech nerds and functional business experts that aim to improve our community while simultaneously having a great time. We take pride in tackling the toughest problems and encourage each other to succeed.

How We're Different


  • Systalex prides itself on having a family-oriented culture.

  • 30 years of serving the Federal Government, rich partnerships, and organic growth.


  • Customer, user, and employee experience

  • Application development across multiple languages and platforms

  • Cloud Engineering

  • Delivery Engineering—DevSecOps

  • Security Engineering

  • Data Engineering/Science

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Product/Portfolio Management

  • Functional Business  Experts; Drinking Water Subject Matter Experts, Financial and Accounting Experts


  • In 2016, Systalex was awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator's Award for Outstanding Accomplishments by a Small Disadvantaged Business.

  • Systalex has also been recognized as a top, small technology business in the DC Metro Area by the Washington Business Journal.

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