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At Systalex, we take an experience architecture approach looking across customer, employee and partner experiences, business practices with enabling technical architecture.  Slow down to safely speed up.

Our Design Services

Customer Experience 

Enterprise & Digital Architecture

User & Employee Experience

Systems Integration & Dependency Design

Generative & Evaluative Research

Product & Service Design

Our Design Philosophy

Design, architecture and achieving outstanding value from technology is at the heart of what we do; we examine how technology coupled with the proper design and research may assist a better business outcome. Systalex enables our customers to engage with their customers, employees and stakeholders better, strengthen their resilience, and generate long-term efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Data Center

Our Method

At Systalex, we employ human-centered design processes, frameworks and tools to help solve the challenges and work to successful business outcomes.  With  foundation elements of observation, ideation and testing  and a focus on humans  our method creates digital evolutions and products that improve lives.

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