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Systalex’ s bizdevsecops, integration and engineering frameworks and experience has  helped our federal clients deliver value with a focus on data-driven cultures. Our methods have enabled customers to make data-driven decisions on delivery outcomes from feature prioritization to redundancy reduction.




Digital Build Platforms

Low-No Code & Citizen Development Platforms

Data Visualization & Analytics

AI/ML & Streaming

Technical Integration

Systems Architecture

Automated Testing

The Systalex Advantage

We have learned that delivery doesn't need to be comprised of singular tools, applications and platforms. Even within an organization that has adopted cloud services, redundancy is still a challenge. Using enterprise wide delivery platforms for delivery is a reality.  Providing autonomous/semi-autonomous usage to teams with common platform usage standards and governance can reduce redundancy, increase feature velocity and provide for more resilient products. Delivery automation should be organizational and technical table stakes.  The next step in that journey is harness the power of enterprise platforms for all delivery needs.  

Wavy Abstract Background

Method: Data

Systalex works with government leaders to transform and manage their operations through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and business intelligence (BI). These tools paired with our best in class services result in:

  • Improving the quality of decision making based real-time Big Data

  • Improving the speed of decision making based on ML/AI algorithms and statistical analyses

  • Reducing the cost and level of effort of updating data and validating decisions by automated processes

  • Providing end-users with reporting suites and tools for data-driven decision making

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