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My name is Rob Brown, CTO

Rob Brown was with USCIS for over five years and in the CTO role for over three years. He’s focused his efforts on cloud adoption, DevSecOps, and data as a product. An open source advocate, he’s worked with other DHS agencies on code and data collaboration. At the same time, USCIS created its first enterprise data lake under Brown to end duplicate data and make it easier for machine learning models to support the immigration mission. Brown spearheaded a Domain Driven Design and Eventing evolution to digitize manual, paper-stricken processes and antiquated technology at USCIS.

Rob has a thorough understanding of IT and business, leading to successful experiences in completing large scale IT deployments from the initial corporate IT strategy and vision to design, build, and maintenance. Rob has been focusing on Domain Driven design, Event driven architecture and reactive micro services for the past 6 years. Rob formerly had been working to provide BizDevSecOps technical standards and governance at USCIS and other agencies. He also has expertise in auditing, directing, and managing corporate IT strategies for small to large sized commercial businesses. Additionally, Rob has a strong background in software development, health care, scientific research, and biomedical industries.

Rob holds a MS in Bioinformatics from George Mason University and a BS in Microbio/BioChem from Virginia Tech. Prior to joining USCIS, Rob worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, Information Innovators, QSSI, V2 Systems, Ronin Tech Solutions, and American Red Cross.

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